Alcohol Ban Area

The Alcohol ban is a safety measure to reduce the negative impact alcohol consumption has in public areas and to provide a safe town environment for everyone.

It is prohibited to consume and/or possess alcohol in any public place within the following areas in Te Kuiti:

  • Redwood Park, Te Kuiti
  • Rora Street, Te Kuiti
  • Lawrence Street, Te Kuiti – between Rora Street and the Esplanade
  • Sheridan Street, Te Kuiti - between Rora Street and the Esplanade
  • King Street East, Te Kuiti- between Rora Street and Jennings Street
  • Alexandra Street, Te Kuiti
  • Taupiri Street, Te Kuiti - between Lawrence Street and Alexandra Street 
  • Both banks of the Mangaokewa River, Te Kuiti between Redwood Park and the Te Kuiti Bowling Club
  • RSA Memorial Park, Te Kuiti

The liquor ban is in place 24 hours 7 days a week.

Public Places include, but are not limited to, Streets, Service Lanes, Lanes, Footpaths, Carparks and Reserves. 

Members of the public are still able to transport or carry containers of alcohol through the area (for example from a bottle store to their car) but not allowed to drink, hold or store alcohol in any alcohol ban area.

Police have powers of arrest, search and seizure under this Bylaw.

It is important to note that the bans do not apply to private property at any time.

If you have any questions with regard to the Bylaw contact Council’s Environmental Health Service Team on 0800 932 4357.