Sale and Supply of Alcohol Amendment Act - Rugby World Cup 2023

Resources listed below:

Lodging your licensee notification online:

From 23 August, licensees have the option to notify extended trading hours via the Business Connect platform. As part of this process, licensees will be required to select their local territorial authority and their nearest Police station. Once the form is submitted, a summary of the notification will be directly sent via email to the relevant local territorial authority and the nearest Police station.


To submit your notification to extend trading hours for your premises through Business Connect you will need to have a RealMe login (see below). A RealMe verified identity isn’t required.

  1. Click Business Connect
  2. Log in using your RealMe login.
  3. If you don’t have a RealMe login or if it’s your first time logging onto Business Connect, you will need to verify your email address.
  4. From the Business Connect dashboard, click the Hospitality tab.
  5. Click on the Rugby World Cup extended trading hours tile to begin the form.


Should you experience technical issues with the Business Connect platform, you can contact [email protected] and help with RealMe can be accessed here.


Licensees who do not wish to use the digitised form can continue to access and use the templates above.