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Te Ara Tika Updates

12 August 2021:

There’s not long to go now before our Te Ara Tika project comes to an end.
Once completed, Te Ara Tika – The pathway of our history – will be more than just a bridge, it will capture the important history of the town, people and landscape through the inclusion of weaving patterns and their stories.
The hope is that it will support an increased knowledge of the rich history of Te Kuiti, its people, landscape and its contributing area. We can't wait!!


18 July 2021:

An important milestone on the Te Ara Tika Bridge project kick started today with a 220 tonne large crane arriving onsite. The two main span bridge beams, complete with balustrades,  will be lifted into position onto the tops of the central columns, either side and central across the railway tracks over the next two days.

On Monday, rail protection and traction control will be set up and managed by KiwiRail (who will be monitoring the operation throughout). It will end with demobilisation of the large cranes from Carroll Street side and re-established on the Rora St side ahead of Monday’s lifting operations. The large crane will operate from the Rora St side and will lift the bridge ramps into position between the new main beams and the Rora Street landing. This is scheduled for between 8 am and 3pm.

This is a carefully planned exercise, as part of a much bigger project, with safety considerations central to that.

The installation of the remaining bridge beams is scheduled to take place during the first week of August once earthworks and surfacing of the new basketball half-court have been completed.



12 July 2021:

Current programme is to start lifting beams into position on top of columns on Sunday morning, 18 July. The two main-span, prestressed concrete beams will be installed first, above the railway tracks, using a large, 220t crane. The crane will then be shifted to Rora St side from where all the ramp slabs on that side will be lifted into position the next day, Monday 19 July.

The remaining ramp slabs forming the spiral will be craned into position once work on the basketball half-court and surrounds beneath the beam has been completed. Currently scheduled for 3 August 2021.


5 June 2021:

The next major stage will see precast concrete bridge beams and ramps moved into position on top of the columns, using large cranes. The assembly work has started, with the lifting of most of the beams happening from mid to late June.


20 May 2021:

Work on Stage 2 of the Te Ara Tika project will commence on Monday 24 May 2021. Most of the work will centre on and around the area immediately to the north of the skatepark with linkages between the two. Due to health and safety considerations, it will be necessary to close the  skatepark during the construction period, until further notice.

The work will comprise construction of a basketball half-court, lighting, planting and landscaping, carpark resurfacing, footpaths, picnic areas and seating.


11 May 2021:  Good progress on Te Ara Tika Pedestrian Overbridge project

Waitomo District Council has noted public comments about people moving the temporary safety fencing surrounding the Te Ara Tika construction site to cross the rail tracks from Rora Street to access the skatepark in Carroll Street. Measures are being taken by the contractor to address that.
The safety of residents and users of the nearby skatepark, and more immediately, around the bridge construction site (Te Ara Tika), is of the utmost importance to Council, the contractor, and the community. Railway track crossing points can be dangerous. So are active construction sites. We ask people to not enter the Te Ara Tika construction site.
And at all times, please do not cross the railway tracks except at the designated crossing points. While construction is in progress, access to Carroll Street is available via the Awakino Road and Ward Street rail crossings. Access to the skatepark from Carroll Street remains open.
7 May 2021: 
Construction work on our new pedestrian overbridge, Te Ara Tika, is well underway, with the project moving closer to the scheduled completion date of late July/early August.
So far, removal of the old bridge has been completed, all foundation work constructed, and new columns installed ready for installation of the bridge superstructure.
Our contractor has temporarily left the site while the above bridge components are under construction, elsewhere. This includes the pre-stressed concrete beams and ramps and steel handrails/stairs.
The next period of work will involve delivery of the precast concrete bridge beams and ramps onto the site, scheduled for mid-May. Installation of the pre-fabricated handrails on the beam and ramp units will then take place before craning the new bridge sections into position on top of the new columns.
24 March 2021:
The piles have been delivered and put in place by crane, where they were joined to the bridge footings, constructed during previous weeks.The precast piles have been manufactured complete with a cap for supporting the bridge ramps and beams, which are the next parts to be installed.


18 December 2020: We're ready to begin work


19 November 2020: Overbridge construction to begin in New Year