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The Town Concept Plans

What is a Town Concept Plan?

A Town Concept Plan is a method of planning which helps to identify the issues, features and opportunities available in our townships. They support the District Plan by providing important information about community aspirations and by identifying matters we should address through our rules. Town Concept Plans are also useful for directing and promoting economic growth, as they provide a vision for future development. In Mokau and Waitomo Caves Village, we expect some growth to happen, so the Plans have also been used to help identify where that growth should be located and how we can service it.

How do the Town Concept Plans work?

The plans outline Key Moves for each town which were identified by the community as being important to support future development and growth. Using the key moves as themes, we took the community’s ideas and developed them into actions and plans to create a ‘MAP’. The diagram below shows how this is structured and the Town Concept Plan document provides details about how the MAP might be prioritised and implemented.

WDC collected information about the key moves through a series of open days and via online feedback. We wanted to make sure that we properly reflected community aspirations, and most importantly, that we created documents that were practical to implement. This means we also need to understand how and if we can fund these projects, and that might mean making applications for funding from other sources.

The Town Concept Plans were formally adopted by Council on Tuesday 25th June 2019:

Maniaiti / Benneydale Town Concept Plan (PDF 32.62 MB)
Mokau Town Concept Plan  (PDF 5.24 MB)
Piopio Town Concept Plan (PDF 4.81 MB)
Te Kuiti Town Concept Plan  (PDF 9.09 MB)
Waitomo Caves Village Town Concept Plan (PDF 5.05 MB)