Community Learner Driver Programme

1 Oct 2013, 11:45 AM

20 learner drivers took part in a Learner Driver Licence Pilot Scheme to assist young drivers to meet the required driver training hours that will enable them to sit their restricted drivers licence.

Seven of the 20 have to date gained their restricted drivers licence with the others still to complete the test.

A graduation ceremony was held in the Waitomo District Council Chambers on Thursday 27 September, to congratulate the students and show appreciation to those who were involved in the programme.

The programme assisted the youth to gain the driving experience they need to pass the restricted drivers licence test and become a safe driver.

The NZ Transport Agency, AA and Caltex supported Waitomo District Council and Te Kuiti Community House to deliver the pilot. This was one of only 2 trialled through out the country.

Community Learner Driver Scheme 

Community Learner Driver Scheme_2