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Planned water shutdown: William Street, Te Kūiti – Wednesday 26 June 2024

Waitomo District Council will shutdown the water supply to the northern part of William Street and a few houses on Anzac Street and Julian Street in Te Kūiti. The shutdown will be from 8.30am to 4pm on Wednesday 26 June 2024 to enable Council contractor McIndoe Group to replace an old water pipe.

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Council adopts Annual Report 2014/15

29 Oct 2015, 2:27 PM

The 2014/15 Annual Report was adopted by Council at October’s monthly meeting on Wednesday (28 October 2015). 

Waitomo District Council is required by the Local Government Act to prepare and adopt an annual report within four months of the end of each financial year.

The 141-page draft document, reporting on Waitomo District Council’s operational performance and financial position for the year to 30 June 2015 was considered by the mayor and councillors at the meeting.

The report outlines our progress on achieving goals and key performance targets, resident satisfaction levels with Council services and facilities and details Council’s full financial situation. WDC continues to make good progress towards being a Council with sound financial management practices and sustainable infrastructure assets that will lead our communities towards a vibrant and thriving future.

The Annual Report was audited by Deloitte and received a clear audit opinion. 

  • The Annual Report can be viewed here. A hardcopy can be requested by contacting our friendly Customer Services team on 0800 932 4357. We will be including key information for residents and ratepayers, in the December issue of Waitomo Way.

Summary of financial highlights


EAP Budget 2015


Actual 2015


Actual 2014

Total Income   10,858  12,223  11,147
Total Operating Expenditure  26,041  24,528  24,087
Net Operating Cost  15,183  12,305  12,940
Total Capital Expenditure  10,838  10,663  8,744
Total Net Expenditure  26,021  22,968  21,684


Financial highlights 2014/15

Grants and subsidies $6.73 million

  • NZ Transport Agency $5.76 million
  • Grants for Community Assets $0.9 million
Operating Expenditure

Operating Expenditure

  • Efficiency and reducing costs where possible
  • Interest Costs $2.4 million (Budget $3.1 million). 
This reflects policy for hedging and use of optimal debt products.
 Capital Investment

Capital Investment $10.66 million

The top significant capital investment projects for 2014/15 are:

  • Upgrade of Te Kuiti water treatment plant
  • Sewerage infrastructure renewals including pipes and pump stations
  • Pipe and plant renewals for water reticulation network
  • Development of new cell at Landfill
  • Mokau water treatment plant development and raw water storage facility
  • Railway station building upgrade, main street and garden upgrade
  • Centennial park playground and sports grounds improvements
  • Railway corridor security fencing
  • Property renewals - Elderly persons housing, halls, public toilets, Council owned buildings
  • Library book stock renewal
  • Upgrade Piopio toilet facility
  • Development of a public car park by the Arts and Cultural Centre
  • Improvement of Taupiri Street building layout for use by community groups.
 External Debt  

External Debt


  • Increased by $1.27 million to $46.14 million. Budgeted forecast for external debt was $54 million
  • Internal funding applied $5.48 million
  • Council Reserves up from $6.2 million to $8.1 million.


 Investment in ICL  

Investment in ICL


  • ICL and IRT combined net profit $0.87 million (previous year $0.38 million)
  • Total equity increased by $1.13 million



Highlights of Activity Performance

  • Council Communications achieved 96% Resident satisfaction survey (Dissatisfaction down from 11% to 4%)
  • Financial Management achieved 86% Resident satisfaction survey (Dissatisfaction down from 35% to 14%)
  • Council’s Capability and Competency achieved 88% Resident satisfaction survey (Dissatisfaction down from 20% to 12%)
  • The Community Development Activity achieved a very good performance result with 5 targets achieved (out of six). Other projects include Economic Development Action Plan, Community Events, Youth initiatives, Customer Service Strategy, Waitomo District Library strategy and Community Development Strategy.
  • The Regulation activity achieved all 7 key performance targets. Bylaw administration completed for Public Amenities, Water Services and Land Transport Bylaws.
  • The service delivery for Animal and Dog Control was bought in-house this financial year. An enhanced approach has been taken with community consultation and engagement, education and an increased urban and rural presence.
  • The Waikato Building Consent Group’s collaborative approach has seen 93% of Building consent application were process within 15 working days.
  • The Environmental Health and Alcohol Licensing function completed inspections for all premises. Guidance and education provided about the Local Alcohol Policies and Food Act.
  • Resource Management activity achieved 2 out of three key performance targets.
  • 92% of residents are satisfied with Library facilities and service.
  • Roads and Footpaths activity – one bridge was renewed, three major retaining walls were completed in order to maintain road integrity; and a new form of Road maintenance contract was development to ensure every road in the district gets attended to at least twice a year. Council improved the structural layers of around 15% of the unsealed road network by adding metal.
  • A water use monitoring programme was implemented for Te Kuiti. This will help to identify a significant number of major leaks on private properties.
  • Ultra-violet disinfection units were installed in Benneydale and Mokau water treatment plants.
  • The first stage of the Te Kuiti Water Treatment Plant Capital renewal and development was completed.
  • An improvement programme for connecting dead end pipes was implemented for the Te Kuiti and Piopio water reticulation network.
  • A new discharge resource consent was obtained for Te Kuiti Waste Water Treatment Plant (for next 25 years).
  • Council achieved a 50% reduction in Inflow and Infiltration to Te Kuiti Waste Water Treatment Plant through improvements in reticulation.
  • Council now operates and maintains in-house the Piopio and Benneydale Waste Water Schemes.
  • Discharge consent was achieved for Benneydale wastewater due to high level of compliance.
  • Ngatai Street, Hospital Road and Duke Streets – replacement of failing storm water pipes.
  • Waitomo District Landfill now has an addition cell that is consent to a capacity of 232,000 tonne.
  • There is an improved covered recycling area to provide an all weather usable service at Waitomo District landfill.
  • All six key performance targets were achieved for the Solid Waste activity.
  • Community Services obtained close to $1 million grant income to support key projects. Operating expenditure was contained within budget.
  • The Community Services activity achieved ten out of a total of eleven key performance targets. One target not achieved related to a single issue with playground equipment.
  • Excellent ratings for resident satisfaction with quality Parks and Reserves and the Swimming pool facilities and service reflect the professional service delivery and high standards of Council’s staff and pool service provider.