Motakiora/Brook Park top section closed until further notice
For health and safety reasons, Waitomo District Council has closed the top section of Motakiora/ Brook Park for ALL recreational use until further notice.
As a result of the weekend’s heavy rainfall event, a section of track to the summit is hazardous and a large slip has taken out part of the mountain bike track, which is also popular with walkers.
There is risk of further multiple slips and damage if the rain continues.
The rotunda and toilet is still accessible, however we urge residents and users to exercise caution if entering this area.
Signage advising of the closure will be erected onsite soon. Please do not venture into the red zone.
Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Water restriction update for Waitomo district

11 Feb 2016

The latest readings taken by WDC's Water services team show that all water supply levels are currently above the minimum thresholds.

Council encourages residents and businesses to continue their water conservation efforts to reduce demand. Year-round water conservation and awareness across all communities is essential in order to preserve the precious water resources for future generations. The accepted daily allocation of 200 litres of water per person remains a target that residents should aim for.

Breaks and leaks can occur in underground water pipes on properties both in town and in rural communities. A leaking water pipe can lose a significant volume of water every hour of every day until it is repaired properly. If you have concerns that a water leak exists on your property, please contact WDC on 0800 932 4357 immediately so that we can assist in investigating the issue further.  Council’s after hours service is available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

The Water Treatment Plant is undergoing the next major phase of the significant capital upgrade. WDC anticipates that the operational work involved in this project may temporarily affect the service and for this reason, the current Level 3 Water Restrictions will remain in place for Te Kuiti residents.

Te Kuiti Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

Update on Water Restrictions for Piopio, Mokau and Benneydale

WDC have revised the water restrictions for Piopio, Mokau and Benneydale communities, and would like to notify residents that Level 2 restrictions are now in place.

Level 2


  • Use sprinklers on alternate days between 6-8am and 6-8pm (e.g even street numbers of even days; odd street numbers on odd days).
  • Hand-held hosing is permitted.

Every effort you make to conserve water will make a big difference.