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Upgrade of Te Kuiti's Water Treatment Plant

4 Feb 2016, 12:16 PM

The project to upgrade the Te Kuiti Water Treatment Plant has advanced to the second stage of phase one, which involves putting the new high lift pumps into service. The pumps will draw treated water from the recently renovated reservoir and pump it into the reticulation network at a more stable rate of flow, as the pumps are controlled by Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology.

As is the case with infrastructure projects of this nature, some interruptions to the service may occur from time to time. WDC will work hard to keep that to a minimum as maintaining the level of service for the community is important to us.

Assets Group Manager Christiaan van Rooyen says “We are anticipating there might be some temporary discolouration of the treated water. This sometimes occurs when the normal flow of water is disrupted, causing the tiny soluble compounds of iron and manganese to become re-suspended in the water as it moves through the pipe network. The water is completely safe even though its appearance may suggest otherwise.”  “Any discolouration will gradually clear on its own accord.”

“We would like to assure residents that the supply is tested very regularly to ensure the drinking water remains safe to consume,” says Mr van Rooyen.

The Te Kuiti Water Treatment Plant is an essential community asset that once renewed, will meet the standards set by the Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2005 (amended in 2008) and ensure it is of good quality, and benefit the people who live in and visit our communities now, and for our future generations.

The new Water Treatment Plant building houses the high lift pumps and UV units.

Photo: The new Water Treatment Plant building houses the high lift pumps and UV units.