Community Update

1 Feb 2018

The Great New Zealand Muster - 7 April 2018

This popular event provides an excellent fundraising opportunity for local community groups and organisations. We provide guidance information on safe food procedures for stall holders. To find out more and to download a registration form, visit our website. Alternatively contact Clowdy Ngatai on phone (07) 878 0800 or email [email protected]


Reduce, reuse, recycle and save

We provide free recycling facilities at the District Transfer Stations and the Waitomo District Landfill.  Recycling separates waste items from the residual waste stream and reprocesses the materials to create new products. We accept paper, cardboard, plastic types 1 and 2, tin/aluminium cans, and glass. 

Reduce your rubbish disposal costs by composting organic and food waste at home. Grow a healthy and plentiful garden, and reduce the harmful environmental impact of organic waste in the landfill.

We provide a recycling shop at the Landfill. Donate your pre-loved household goods and clothes to someone in need. If you are considering donating household goods to a charity or op-shop, we recommend that you first visit the shop to check there is a need for the items, and the space to store them.


Be a responsible dog owner

The Dog Control Act 1996 requires all owners to keep their dogs under control.  Dog owners need to ensure their dogs do not:

  • cause a nuisance (e.g. through barking or fouling)
  • cause damage to property
  • injure, endanger or cause distress to any person, stock, poultry or domestic animal, or protected wildlife. 

Owners must ensure that their dog is confined to their property. A fenced yard must be appropriate for the dog; an adequate height and with no holes or gaps that the dog can escape through.

Do not allow your dog to roam. If your dog is impounded by Animal Control it will cost you $70.00 (for the first impounding offence), plus a sustenance fee of $15.00 per day. These costs must be paid in full before your dog is released from the pound. If your dog is not registered, you will also be required to pay for the dogs registration before it is released from the pound. In addition, in some cases there may also be infringement fines.