Milestone work begins on Te Ara Tika overbridge

18 Jul 2021, 9:58 AM

An important milestone on the Te Ara Tika Bridge project kick started today with a 220 tonne large crane arriving onsite. The two main span bridge beams, complete with balustrades,  will be lifted into position onto the tops of the central columns, either side and central across the railway tracks over the next two days.

On Monday, rail protection and traction control will be set up and managed by KiwiRail (who will be monitoring the operation throughout). It will end with demobilisation of the large cranes from Carroll Street side and re-established on the Rora St side ahead of Monday’s lifting operations. The large crane will operate from the Rora St side and will lift the bridge ramps into position between the new main beams and the Rora Street landing. This is scheduled for between 8 am and 3pm.

This is a carefully planned exercise, as part of a much bigger project, with safety considerations central to that.

The installation of the remaining bridge beams is scheduled to take place during the first week of August once earthworks and surfacing of the new basketball half-court have been completed.