Council to no longer accept bank cheques as payment method

14 May 2021, 2:42 PM

Waitomo District Council has joined many other Local Government organisations nationwide removing cheques as a payment option.

From 18 June 2021, WDC will no longer accept cheques as a payment method.

General Manager – Business Support Alister Duncan says the use of cheques continues to decline, with more people making payments electronically.

“The number of our customers using cheques has also been declining for several years,” he says.

He acknowledged that removing the option to pay by cheque would be a challenge for some residents, but wanted to reassure the community that Council would try to make the transition as simple as possible.

“We chose 18 June as the final date for accepting cheques as this aligns with Council’s bank no longer processing cheques,” says Alister.

“We have already started informing our ratepayers when our last accounts were mailed out, and we will be thorough in how we communicate this change to ensure all ratepayers and customers are informed and are aware of our other payment options. Our customer services team will also be available to assist customers one-on-one.”

Alister says many customers are choosing to pay online or by setting up direct debits. Council also takes payments via internet banking, credit card, EFTPOS and cash.

“Paying by direct debit is the best way to pay your rates as it ensures you have no due dates to remember, and it guarantees no penalties.”

New Zealand banks have been phasing out cheques for some time and by the end of August 2021, no major banks in New Zealand will be issuing or accepting cheques.