Upcoming overnight road closure: Mangarino Road, Te Kūiti – 18 July 2024

A temporary road closure will be in place on Mangarino Road, Te Kūiti from 9am Thursday 18 July until 9am the following morning 19 July. The road closure is to allow maintenance work on the Mangarino Road Bridge. More info

Te Kuiti drops to Level 3 Water Restrictions

1 Feb 2022, 12:58 PM

A big thank you to Te Kuiti residents who have been diligent in helping to conserve water during the Level 4 water restrictions.

Te Kuiti can now move back into Level 3 water restrictions along with the rest of the district, but this does not mean we are out of the woods.

We are still experiencing long dry spells, and water demand is still high across the whole district.

Te Kuiti’s town supply is taken from the Mangaokewa Stream. When the river levels drop in summer, Council’s consent to draw water from the stream for processing must be reduced. This means supply to large users is reduced , and there is less water to distribute throughout the network.

That is why water restrictions are still necessary.

Please continue to save water where possible so there is enough to go around.

Why water restrictions?

Our Water alerts and restrictions help us manage the town water supply during periods of high demand. 

In summer, we get less rain than the rest of the year and the amount of water people use everyday increases mainly due to activities like watering gardens, property maintenance and filling up swimming pools. This puts pressure on our water supply.

Water restrictions help everyone play their part and are put in place to make sure there is enough water for everyone to use during this time.

A reminder about Level 3:

Take all practical steps to reduce your water use

  • Switch off irrigation systems and prioritise watering fruit and vegetables only.
  • Use a trigger on your hose to direct water where you need it most. Where practical, use a bucket or watering can.
  • Use a cover on permanent and portable pools to prevent 97% of water evaporating and use appropriate chemicals to keep the water fresh.
  • Do not wash windows, footpaths, driveways, buildings and cars unless safety is an issue. If water is required, use a bucket instead of your hose or water blaster.
  • Shorten your shower.
  • Collect water from showering, cooking, washing and rain and re-use in your garden.