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Mayor looks forward to the next three years

17 Oct 2022, 8:28 AM

Waitomo’s re-elected Mayor, John Robertson is looking forward to the next three years as the newly elected Council takes up the reins.

“The last three years has been tough for all Councils.  COVID dominated so much and hindered our ability to deliver services and capital works.  For Waitomo, the storm events in February this year added to our challenges.  We have a lot of restoration works on our roads to catch up," he says.

But while the new Council will find catching up on this dominates the capital works programme, there are many other things unfolding that will be of interest, from the completion of the King Country Indoor Sport and Recreation Centre to the questions of how to shape Council post Three Waters. 

"I have met with each of the new members over the past week.  We are of one on basic policy positions, and we all want to promote an open and engaging Council.

"We are also a diverse group of seven elected members, bringing to the Council table significant experience.  The four new members will bring new energy, and the three re-elected members will bring local council governance knowledge.  Together we have the makings of a great team."

Over the next few months there will be plenty of learning as new members are briefed on Council workings.  An induction programme is being developed that will begin in November, after members are sworn in at the inaugural Council meeting on 25 October.

“From meeting with the new members I have gained an understanding of what their interests and aspirations are.  Sometime in the new year we will gather as a governance team to share our aspirations and develop a common vision.

“I look forward to leading a team that works well together and enjoys the next three years,” says Mr Robertson.