Mangatoa Road under repair after cyclone damage

1 Aug 2023, 4:30 PM

Repairs and reconstruction of Mangatoa Road will begin this month with the $2.5 million dollar project awarded to Camex Civil.

The contract includes work on four different sites on Mangatoa Road located on the hill between Marokopa and Kiritehere Beach.

The repairs are in response to the damage caused as a result of Cyclone Dovi in February 2022.

General Manager Infrastructure Service, Shyamal Ram says due to the size of these slips an engineered design was required to ensure a long-term solution.

“Some earthworks are scheduled to start in August with the full project due to be completed in early 2024.”

The repairs include the construction of an earth buttress, two timber pole retaining walls and a small section of road realignment. Upgrades to the drainage systems will also be undertaken to provide more resilience during future storm events.

There will be some traffic disruption due to the constrained site locations with some temporary road closures being in place to allow for the sites to be constructed safely.

Traffic management disruptions will be communicated to allow for alternative travel arrangements if required.

“We thank the community for their patience over the last year as the team has been working throughout the year to stay on top of all the damage caused by the multiple storm and rain events,” says Shyamal.