Weather Warning - Heavy Rain
MetService has issued for heavy rain warning for Waitomo, and the Central North Island. This has upgraded from a weather watch that was issued yesterday.
The warning is valid from 3pm today (23 September 2023) until 4am on Sunday 24 September.
Heavy rain may cause streams and rivers to rise rapidly. Surface flooding and slips are also possible and driving conditions may be hazardous.
Please consider staying at home this weekend, but take care and drive to the conditions if you need to head out during this time.

Te Kuiti moves to Level 4 water restrictions

22 Jan 2022, 6:14 AM

A water main has burst in Te Kuiti overnight, and has depleted the town reservoir. PLEASE CONSERVE WATER IMMEDIATELY.
Level 4 Water Restrictions mean:
- No use of outside water systems (including sprinklers, drip lines, soaker hoses and any other irrigation systems).
- No use of hoses.
- No filling or top-ups to swimming pools (including portable and paddling pools).
- No outdoor cleaning (including cars).
- No outdoor water toys (including slip and slides and toys that attach to hoses).
The only permitted way to water your garden at alert level 4 is to use collected rain water and/or re-use greywater from inside your home (e.g. used shower water or left-over water from cooking and washing).
Essential use outside means water may be used for activities like firefighting and emergency clean ups.
Essential use inside your home means that you may use water for drinking, food preparation, hygiene and sanitary purposes only (including washing clothes and taking showers).