Upcoming overnight road closure: Mangarino Road, Te Kūiti – 19 July 2024

A temporary road closure will be in place on Mangarino Road, Te Kūiti from 9am Friday 19 July until 9am the following morning 20 July. The road closure is to allow maintenance work on the Mangarino Road Bridge. More info

Notification of mass and/or speed limits on bridges

10 Jun 2022, 1:59 PM

Regulation 11, Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974

NOTICE is hereby given that pursuant to regulation 11(3) of the Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974, Waitomo District Council has fixed the following maximum mass and speed limits for heavy motor vehicles and combinations including a heavy motor vehicle on the bridges described hereunder:

Name of road

Name of bridge

Mass Limits

Maximum speed limit (km/h)

Maximum mass on any 1 axle

Gross mass (maximum sum of axle mass)

Awakau Road

Bridge No. 121


50% Class I

5 km/h

Paraheka Valley Road

Bridge No. 254

2500 kg

30% Class I

5 km/h

Mill Road

Bridge No. 264

2500 kg


10 km/h

Kawhia Harbour Road

Bridge No. 16


44000 kg


Mangaorongo Road

Bridge No. 110


44000 kg


King Street East

Bridge No. 262


44000 kg


Marokopa Road

Bridge No. 283


44000 kg



Attention is drawn to the applicable penalties and infringement fees set out in Schedule 1A or Part 3 of Schedule 1B of the Land Transport (Offences and Penalties) Regulations 1999, which apply to infringements of these limits.


Shyamal Ram

General Manager Infrastructure Services