Horses and Public Safety

Waitomo District Council’s aim is to ensure that an acceptable standard of convenience, safety, visual amenity and civic values are maintained for the well-being and enjoyment of residents, visitors and businesses within the district.

People who ride horses on public land (Council owned reserves, foot bridges, footpaths, parks, sportsfields) in Te Kuiti are a risk to public safety. 

The public are asked to report anyone riding a horse in a public place, by calling WDC immediately on 0800 932 4357 with a description of the rider, horse and location. 

The riding of horses in prohibited areas within Te Kuiti urban centre is not only a nuisance, it is highly dangerous and public safety is compromised.

The following information is aimed to increase awareness and understanding of the public safety issues posed by horse riders who disregard Council's Bylaw.

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