Horses in relation to Council Bylaws

There are a number of different Bylaws that provide rules in regards to the keeping and riding of horses. Any person who breaches the rules outlined in Council's Bylaws could be fined up to $300.

Public Places Bylaw (PDF 163 KB)

The aim of Council bylaws is to protect the public from nuisance, promote and maintain public health and safety and minimise the potential for anti-social behaviour in public places.

No person shall take or allow any horse under their control onto any public place if the Council has by resolution or public notice prohibited entry of a horse to that public place.

Any person having control of horses on any public place shall ensure that the horse is kept under proper control, with consideration for other persons using the public place.

No person shall:

  1. Permit any horse to be on a reserve, beach or other area designated as an area prohibited to horses without the prior consent of an authorised officer;
  2. Graze horses in any other public place except in accordance with Council policy.

Any person being the owner of, or having control of any horse in a public place in an urban area shall immediately remove any faeces deposited by that horse from the public place.

Subject to the requirements of this section every person being the owner or having the care, custody, or control of any horse shall keep and prevent the same from wandering or being at large without proper guidance on any public place.

Public Place means every road, footpath and thoroughfare of a public nature or open to or used by the public as of right, reserve, park, domain, walkway, walking track, beach, foreshore, river esplanade and recreational ground under control of Waitomo District Council.


Public Amenities Bylaw (PDF 215 KB)

Every person operating any vehicle, or leading, riding or driving any horse on any part of any beach must show due consideration for other users of the beach at all times.

Council may prohibit or restrict the leading, riding, driving or swimming of a horse or cattle or other animal on or from any part of a beach which is likely to be used or is ordinarily used or is being used for the purpose of bathing or other recreation.

Any person whose land is adjacent to such beach and who uses the beach as an access to such land has the right to use the beach for this purpose, but the right shall be confined to that portion between such land and the nearest access point.

All vehicles and horses are prohibited on dunes. However, any person wishing to access the beach from an adjoining property or road may use a vehicle or horse on a dune only in a manner that does not cause nor is likely to cause damage to any part of that dune, and that utilises the most direct route possible.

The aim of this Bylaw is to protect, promote, and maintain public health and safety.

No person shall without having first obtained the written approval of Council, keep, have in his/her posession or control any stallion within any urban area.