Bird control programme underway at Wastewater Treatment Plant

9 Jan 2017, 9:36 AM

Waitomo District Council undertakes a bird control (waterfowl) programme at the Te Kuiti Wastewater Treatment Plant (TKWWTP) as part of the Resource Consent. The ponds are an undesirable habitat for waterfowl because of the immediate risk to bird health from avian botulism, and the risk of disease transmittal to other nesting or feeding areas. The feeding pattern of large bird population at the TKWWTP also has a negative impact on neighbouring farms by damaging crop and pasture and interfering with farm management practices and productivity.

WDC’s programme runs from November through to March and includes monitoring and reporting of the waterfowl population to Waikato Regional Council.

WDC uses an acoustic deterrent device, to discourage the ducks and swans from populating the pond. The loud bang created by the device may be heard randomly but should not cause concern, as it is harmless. The device is not used overnight and on weekends.

Te Kuiti Wastewater treatment plant waterfowl December 2016