Important Update: Major slip on Mangaokewa Road

20 Sep 2017, 11:16 AM

A major landslip of about 50 acres of private farmland has fallen into the Mangaokewa River and crossed over the Mangaokewa Road (approximately 6-7kms from State Highway 30). The river is flowing but is heavily silted.  Waikato Regional Council have been notified.

Mangaokewa Road is temporarily CLOSED to traffic and signs are in place. The WDC Roading Contractor is onsite today. 

The river at this location is about 25 kilometres upstream and is one of the raw water sources for the Te Kuiti Water Treatment Plant. The Water Treatment Plant is producing safe treated drinking water with no major issues. However, water production has slowed down considerably and we are monitoring the plant very closely.

We are seeking the cooperation of Te Kuiti residents and businesses to conserve water and be mindful of the current situation.


Please conserve water use in and around the home, and at work, and avoid:

  • Washing vehicles,
  • Washing/ water blasting of building exteriors and footpaths
  • Using hoses for clean up

It is very important to achieve as much water savings as possible to assist with the continued provision of a safe water supply for Te Kuiti.