Council provides new rubbish and recycling bins in Benneydale

1 Oct 2018, 10:55 AM

Waitomo District Council have installed a new type of refuse bin and a recycling station in Benneydale, in an effort to keep the village litter-free and recover more recyclable material.

The Recycling Station will enable the public to recycle while out and about. Three bins are contained within a single unit, and collect glass, plastic, and tin waste materials.

The ‘Bigbelly Bin’ has the ability to compact its contents using solar energy and can hold up to six times more rubbish than a standard New Zealand rubbish bin.

The aim of Bigbelly bin is to:

  • provide a solution to overflowing rubbish bins.
  • reduce the potential for scattered litter.
  • reduce complaints about overflowing rubbish bins.

Recycling stations and street litter bins are not for commercial use. They are there to provide the public and visitors to our communities with a valuable service and to keep Waitomo District's public places clean and beautiful.