Clock make-over on the cards

3 Sep 2020, 12:00 PM

Te Kuiti’s town clock is set for a make-over thanks to the generosity of the McLennan family who originally donated the clock.


Gifted to the town in 1958 in the name of A D McLennan, who was known as Barney. The clock has since been maintained by Waitomo District Council (WDC).


Steve McLennan, Barney’s grandson says, “Our family is very proud of the town clock and our connection with Te Kuiti.”


Recently the clock stopped keeping time and over the last six weeks, several repair attempts by WDC had been made. The clocks electrical component has now been removed and sent away to be repaired.


Tony Hale, GM infrastructure services says “due to the age of the clock finding someone with the expertise to repair it has been tricky.  We’ve now found someone and we’re confident it can be repaired.”


Steve reached out to the Council and offered to make a donation to repair the clock. 


Tony says, “Now that the electrical component can be repaired, we’re in contact with Steve and are working on a proposal for the family’s donation to be used to give the clock a make-over.”


“What exactly the make-over will look like is still a work in progress.  But I’m excited we can give the clock a new lease of life and continue my grandfather’s legacy,” says Steve.


WDC and the McLennan family will continue to work on the proposal and hope to begin work in the coming months.