Remedial work a priority for Waitomo District Council Administration Building

5 May 2023, 9:19 AM

Remedial work will be a priority for Waitomo District Council’s main administration building, following an independent Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA) which has determined the building does not meet the earthquake standards.

The building achieved an overall New Building Standard (NBS) rating for an Importance Level (IL) 2 of 15%, which corresponds to a “Grade E”. The minimum recommended rating for a building for people to work in is IL2 34%. IL 2 buildings are typically defined as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

In accordance with the requirements of the Building Act 2004, Council will have twenty five years to remediate the administration building to get it to the required NBS. However, Council’s Chief Executive, Ben Smit has advised that undertaking the remedial work will be a priority, as staff and visitor safety is paramount.

As a result of the findings of the DSA, staff have commenced concept design and project costing. During this process, a decision will also be made on whether the building will be used as an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).

For the building to be used as an EOC, the building will need to be strengthened to NBS IL4 rating, which includes ensuring the utility services are operational after a seismic event. Strengthening works will commence once the design has been finalised and the procurement stage is completed. An IL4 building has a reduced remediation period of twelve and a half years.

The building will display notices at each entry point advising of its status until the required remedial work has been carried out.