Upcoming overnight road closure: Mangarino Road, Te Kūiti – 19 July 2024

A temporary road closure will be in place on Mangarino Road, Te Kūiti from 9am Friday 19 July until 9am the following morning 20 July. The road closure is to allow maintenance work on the Mangarino Road Bridge. More info

WDC Notices

11 Oct 2016

Dog Control Policy and Practices Report

On 6 October 2016 a report pursuant to Section 10A of the Dog Control Act 1996 was adopted by Council.  The report contains information and statistics on Waitomo District Council’s dog control activity for the year 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016.

A copy of the report can be viewed on our website at www.waitomo.govt.nz or at the Council office, Queen Street, Te Kuiti.

Pensioner Housing Available

Units have become vacant at Redwood Flats, Esplanade, Te Kuiti.

Application forms are available on our website www.waitomo.govt.nz, Council offices, Queen Street, Te Kuiti or by contacting our friendly Customer Services Team, (07) 878 0800 or 0800 932 4357.

Bond and references are required.

Please note: Certain conditions apply

Notice for Closure of Road/Street To Ordinary Vehicular Traffic

PURSUANT to the Transport (Vehicular Traffic Road Closure) Regulations 1965, notice is hereby given that the Waitomo District Council, for the purpose of the Targa Rally 2016 will close the following roads/streets to ordinary vehicular traffic for the periods indicated:

Date: Thursday, 13 October 2016

Period of Closure: 9:55 am to 1:55 pm

Streets/Roads: Haurua Road – Starting from the intersection of SH37 to the District boundary Including intersection with: Waihohonu Road (No Exit).

Waitomo Valley Road - Starting from District boundary to finish before Bridge 37, approximately 950 metres from SH37 - Not blocking Woodlyn Park Entrance.

Period of Closure: 11:20 am to 3:20 pm

Streets/Roads: Troopers Road – Starting from the intersection with SH3, to finish at no further than 9.5km from SH3, including intersections with Mathers Road and Whataroa Road. Period of Closure: 11:40 am to 3:40 pm

Streets/Roads: Oparure Road – From the intersection with Troopers Road, to the intersection with Mairoa/Ngapaenga Roads, including intersections with Waipapa Road (no exit), Waitepipi Road (no exit).

Mairoa Road – From the intersection with Oparure/Ngapaenga Roads to the intersection with Kea/Mangaotaki Roads, including intersections with Pungarehu Road and Kihikihi Road (no exit).

Period of Closure: 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Streets/Roads: Waitahi Road  – From the intersection with Kohua Road, to the intersection with Mokauiti Road.

Mokauiti Road – From the intersection with Waitahi Road to the intersection with Ramaroa Road, including intersections with Oniao Road, Owen Road, Ngapaki Road (no exit), Puhunga Road (no exit), Patoto Road (no exit) and Mangateka Road.

Ramaroa Road – From the intersection with Mokauiti Road to the intersection with SH4.

Note: To assist with the stage security, the closure is also to include 100 metres of EACH adjoining road, from where it intersects with the road being applied for.

It will be an offence under the above regulations for any person otherwise than under authority to use the road/street for ordinary vehicular traffic during this period of closure.