Upcoming overnight road closure: Mangarino Road, Te Kūiti – 19 July 2024

A temporary road closure will be in place on Mangarino Road, Te Kūiti from 9am Friday 19 July until 9am the following morning 20 July. The road closure is to allow maintenance work on the Mangarino Road Bridge. More info

Swimming pool fencing requirement

8 Feb 2024, 2:22 PM

Swimming pools can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a source of potential harm. That’s why New Zealand has laws regarding swimming pools. Most pools will need to be completely fenced to limit access to anyone who shouldn’t be alone in a swimming pool.

Residential pools including inground, spa, or hot tubs must all comply with the safety requirements of the NZ Building Act 2004. All swimming pools that can be filled with over 40cm of water are required by law to be properly fenced with physical barriers that restrict the access of unsupervised children and keep them safe. This requirement applies to all pools no matter what the size, including temporary and inflatable swimming pools.

There are several specific requirements for swimming pool fences, but they generally must be at least 1.2m high with a self-closing gate that has a child-proof or lockable latch installed at least 1.5m high, there should also not be anything within 1.2 meters of the fence that is climbable in any way from outside the pool area, which includes trees, swimming pool accessories, garden furniture or even barbeques.

Hot tubs and spas that aren’t fenced require compliant child-resistant and lockable safety covers. This sort of barrier is applicable when every wall of the small heated pool is not less than 760mm above the floor or ground that is adjacent, and when those pool walls do not allow for climbing. These safety covers must restrict access when closed, withstand a decent load without breaking, be easily closed, and have signage indicating how the child safety features work.

For further information on swimming pool fencing requirements visit our website at www.waitomo.govt.nz or email us at [email protected]