Dog safety resources

19 Dec 2014, 10:30 AM

The Department of Internal Affairs has updated and launched its resource about dog safety, the Dog Box.  This is timely as we enter summer, when there is typically a seasonal spike in dog attacks due to people and their pets being out and about in public places more during the holidays. 

Available on-line here, the website has information about good behaviour for dogs, dog owners and everyone else; keeping children safe and advising owners of their legal responsibilities.


8 Simple Safety Tips Around Dogs

  • Always ask permission from a dog’s owner before approaching or petting a dog.
  • Pat a dog on its chest - not on top of its head or its ears.
  • Supervise children at all times when a dog is nearby.
  • Stay away from a dog that is tied up, feeding, has puppies or is asleep.
  • If you are approached by a dog that makes you feel uneasy, act like a tree - stand still, look at your feet not at the dog and cross your arms in front of you - when the dog moves away just walk quietly and slowly away from it.
  • Never tease or annoy dogs.
  • Don’t act excited around a dog, or run away, ride, or play noisy games, close to a dog.
  • Do not force anyone who is afraid to pet a dog. (People afraid of animals sometimes make a dog uneasy, and so more likely to bite.)