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Councils help communities have safe, happy summers

12 Nov 2014, 8:53 AM

LGNZ Summer Series

Local government supports summer festivities so that New Zealand communities have safe, happy holidays.

Councils around the country hold public events, festivals, parades and other celebratory events during the Christmas season.  Some decorate town centres while others help to put on food and wine festivals, throw a Santa parade or support sporting events such as beach volleyball held in public places.

“Summer is a special time for New Zealanders.  People enjoy spending extra time with their families, and getting out and about in nice weather to enjoy our great outdoors and beautiful beaches,” LGNZ Vice President Brendan Duffy says.

Public swimming pools are maintained by councils, giving communities a safe place to enjoy swimming and spending time in the water.  The opening hours for many pools will change during summer.

Local government provides reading material and literary events all year round at libraries.  People wanting to pick up beach reading material can contact their local council to check opening hours of libraries over the summer period for any changes and statutory holidays closures.

Councils help communities enjoy the seaside safely by providing support around activities at our beautiful beaches. More people will be populating our beaches during the warmer season, so the hours and locations dogs can play near the ocean may change during summer.

Local government is responsible for coastal management.  District councils oversee safety around the use of vehicles on beaches that is mindful of protecting our environment.

“Councils are here to help communities.  Contact your local council to see what public events will be held during summer and if you would like any support around a number of activities including camping, fires, beaches, alcohol and DIY,” Mr Duffy says.

For more information about public events and support for other summer activities, please contact us.