Project update

11 Nov 2014, 9:25 AM

In general the majority of work specified in the contract has been completed, with exception of Building 3 and the canopy.

Work outstanding in Building 1 (adjacent to the Visitor information centre) includes the structural strengthening through the installation of a steel portal, concreting of the chimney and finishing touches to the painting of the exterior of the building.

Building 2 (located in the centre of the railway buildings) is looking great with the new exterior paint in a neutral shade, new glass windows and white frames.

Work outstanding from the original contract includes repairs to the floors (well underway), re-building of the chimney and completion of the exterior painting.

Security cameras are going to be installed around the building very soon.

The canopy (railway side of building 1 and 2) has the new guttering and roof to go on and the wood / steel work has been fully repainted. Three additional steel portals are being added for structural strengthening of the canopy. Fire sprinklers are yet to be installed in buildings 2, 3 and the canopy.

The brick building 3 requires structural work and this is planned to begin in the next fortnight. This work is predominantly internal strengthening of the brick work against a new internal frame.

A new doorway is also planned to be installed in building 3.

The project’s architect is currently preparing the drawings for the planned linkage between the Visitor information centre and building 1. Council has applied for funding to further develop the community space in this building.

Building 2 is looking great with the new exterior paint, windows and frames

Work outstanding from the original contract includes repairs to the floors (well underway).

Historic records were found on site

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