Motakiora/Brook Park top section closed until further notice
For health and safety reasons, Waitomo District Council has closed the top section of Motakiora/ Brook Park for ALL recreational use until further notice.
As a result of the weekend’s heavy rainfall event, a section of track to the summit is hazardous and a large slip has taken out part of the mountain bike track, which is also popular with walkers.
There is risk of further multiple slips and damage if the rain continues.
The rotunda and toilet is still accessible, however we urge residents and users to exercise caution if entering this area.
Signage advising of the closure will be erected onsite soon. Please do not venture into the red zone.
Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Notice of bird control programme - Te Kuiti Wastewater Treatment Plant

25 Nov 2014, 9:11 AM


During this time of year there is a large duck and swan population that congregates in Te Kuiti and they settle on any water body that is available. 

The ponds at the Te Kuiti Wastewater Treatment Plant are no exception. These ducks and swans can become a nuisance by invading nearby farmland, damaging crops and can cause the spread of infectious diseases.

Council will soon commence the programme using an acoustic deterrent device, to discourage the ducks and swans from populating the pond.

The loud bang created by the device may be heard randomly but should not cause concern, as it is harmless. 

The device will not be used overnight and on weekends, to minimise any annoyance to the residents of Te Kuiti.

The bird control programme runs annually from November to March.