Reminder to plan ahead for events with alcohol

12 Nov 2014, 8:53 AM

LGNZ Summer Series

The local government sector reminds New Zealanders to plan ahead for events where they wish to consume alcohol in a public place during summer.  

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 came into force last year, with central government requiring applications for alcohol licenses to be made 20 working days prior to the event.  

Previously these were done on a case by case basis.

 Local authority District Licensing Committees process the liquor license applications in their jurisdictions.  

Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) reminds community groups, families and businesses that all special licenses need to be in by 21 November.  

Businesses need to file new license applications by 14 November.  

“Local government plays a leading role in ensuring responsible consumption of alcohol in our communities,” LGNZ Vice President Brendan Duffy says.  “The new alcohol laws aim to improve the drinking culture in New Zealand.  We would like to see people enjoy summer festivities, without drinking to excess when they consume alcohol.    

People planning an event with alcohol during summer are encouraged to get license applications in to their local council as soon as possible.”  

Special licenses are required for the on-site and off-site sale and supply of alcohol at one-off private functions such as family picnics or weddings held in public places, and for public events such as food and wine festivals.  

Processing of liquor licenses is prohibited during a statutory shut down between 20 December to 15 January, so applications need to be made shortly.  

Applications can only be submitted less than 20 days before the event in unforeseen circumstances, such as a funeral.  

For events in mid-January to February, people are encouraged to get applications in as soon as possible so they can be processed before the statutory shut down period.    

If travelling during summer, check with the local council when visiting new areas to find out where alcohol can be consumed.    

Local government also supports summer festivities by holding and supporting public events including festivals, parades and other celebratory events.  

Councils enable safe, happy summer holidays across all of New Zealand by providing support around a number of activities including camping, fires, beaches, alcohol and DIY.     

For more information about alcohol licensing and other local summer activity, please contact us.