Advertising signs under review

14 Sep 2015, 2:00 PM

Advertising signs play an important role in promoting a business. They are an ideal way to communicate a message to potential customers and passing motorists.

The District Plan provides a number of rules in regard to signage. People who want to put up an advertising sign for their business, must first obtain consent for that sign from Council.

The different factors we consider as part of a consenting process includes placement, size design and lettering. Good signage should avoid physical and visual clutter to maintain clear sight and separation from other signs.

We want to support local businesses and our community by ensuring that advertising signs do not detract from the safe and efficient operation of roads.

Due to the increasing number of advertising signs appearing across the district WDC has commenced a review, which will provide a better understanding of the issues associated with signage. A register of all advertising signs in the Waitomo district will be established.

As a starting point, signs that sit adjacent to the state highways and rural roads in the district have been identified and added to the register.

The next stage for the Regulatory Team is to record the advertising signs displayed in our business and industrial zones beginning with Te Kuiti, Piopio, Benneydale, Mokau and Marokopa. Thereafter the residential zones will be done.

We ask that anyone who is intending to install a sign, to first get in touch with Elsa du Toit – WDC’s Environmental and Regulatory Services Leader, on [email protected].

Monitoring and Compliance Officer Willem Van Rooyen and Environmental & Regulatory Services Leader Elsa du Toit

Team effort: Monitoring and Compliance Officer Willem Van Rooyen and Environmental and Regulatory Services Leader Elsa du Toit, will be out and about capturing images and details of the advertising signs as part of the review process.