Weather Watch - Severe Thunderstorm
MetService New Zealand has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for our district (mainly coastal), which is valid from 8.12am until 1pm this afternoon. More info
Matariki Public Holiday - Friday 28 June 2024

Our Customer Service Centre, admin office, library and other services are closed for the Matariki Public Holiday 28 June 2024. View more info

Water restrictions in place for Te Kuiti

28 Sep 2015

Te Kuiti residents and businesses connected to Waitomo District Council's water supply are asked to follow our water restriction level 3 - a total ban on domestic sprinklers. Only hand-held hosing is permitted.

Water savings can be achieved by making small adjustments to the way we use water at home and at work.

Here are some ways that you can help conserve water:

  • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth and save up to 5 litres a minute. That’s up to 140 litres a week for a family of four.
  • Use a water saving attachment on your hose.
  • Avoid washing the car, paths and driveways.
  • Fill the sink to clean vegetables and wash the dishes.
  • Use the right size pan for cooking. Large pans may require more cooking water than necessary.
  • Do full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher.
  • Encourage shorter showers.
  • For cool drinking water, fill a jug and keep it in the fridge.
  • Adjust your lawn mower to the height of 4-5 centimetres. Taller grass shades roots and holds soil moisture better than short grass.

You can conserve water at work too:

  • Dry sweep when possible, instead of using a hose to clean floors, sidewalks and other hard surfaces.
  • Instruct cleaning crews to use water efficiently for mopping.
  • Change window cleaning schedule from "periodic" to "as required."
  • Presoak utensils and dishes in basins of water, rather than in running water.
  • Do not allow water to flow unnecessarily. Consider using automatic shut-off faucets at bar sinks.

Every effort you make to conserve water both at home and at work, will make a big difference. 

Water Leaks

Small water leaks can result in big losses for our community. Around 14,000 litres of water a day can be wasted through a hole the size of a small nail.

You can check for signs of a water leak on your property by:

  • Looking for water appearing on concrete or sealed areas
  • A boggy patch on the lawn or garden.
  • Dripping overflow pipe.
  • Leaking tap in your bathroom, toilet or garden tap.

Check you meter when you know that no water is currently being used on your property. If the meter dials are moving you may have a water leak.

If you are aware of any leaks, please contact Council immediately on 0800 932 4357.

Please check your own internal plumbing connections for leaks; leaking taps, stock troughs or irrigation systems.