WDC’s playgrounds comply with safety standards

19 Dec 2016, 1:59 PM

Waitomo District Council provides a Level of Service to ensure the equipment provided in the Parks and Reserves, is safe for playground users.

In order to provide excellent service to the community and visitors to our district, the playground equipment is maintained and in some instances renewed when old equipment is no longer safe or fulfilling its purpose.

Overall WDC’s playgrounds received a 93% compliance rating with the NZ safety standards in the 2016 audit completed by Park Central Consultants.

Group Manager Community Services Helen Beever is delighted with the result which ranks WDC number one out of all the Council’s included in the audit process.  “The excellent rating confirms the great work that we are doing to improve and maintain our District’s playgrounds.” Says Mrs Beever.

The purpose of the audit is to inspect the playgrounds, rate their condition and to measure how well WDC are complying with New Zealand Safety Standards. WDC received feedback from the audit including an assessment of how well the playground equipment is being maintained and recommendations to improve the playgrounds.

Waitomo Caves Village Playground was replaced in August 2016.

Waitomo Caves Village Playground was replaced in August 2016.