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How do we measure up?

3 May 2016, 9:17 AM

As part of an on-going commitment to seek public feedback and engagement, Waitomo District Council’s annual resident survey kicks off this week.

The survey will see residents of the Waitomo District provided with a paper survey delivered to their letterbox, and are invited to provide their opinions on a wide range of issues related to the Council and its service delivery to the residents of the district.

Waitomo District Council Communications Officer Kelly Marriott said the survey is a way to track how well Council’s service delivery efforts are carrying through to residents.

"As a Council it’s vital that we continually measure our effectiveness and how well we are meeting the needs of our residents. Understanding our resident’s opinions and needs will allow Council to better respond," she said.

Community connections and development

One of Council’s areas of focus (Long Term Plan 2015-25) is to create vibrant communities by supporting community connections and development.

“This year we are seeking people’s opinion on life in the Waitomo District. We have included an additional set of questions about livability aspects such as healthcare services, housing, education and recreation facilities. The feedback we receive will assist us in the development of an Economic Game Plan to sustain and grow our local economy, retain our people and attract new residents and business to the Waitomo District.”

Council has again included an incentive prize draw aimed at encouraging residents to contribute their opinions. People who take part in the survey will go in the draw to win one of five $200 grocery vouchers.

Residents can have a say over a two week period. The survey closes Friday 13 May 2016. The survey can also be completed online.