Amended 2021 Meeting Schedule

21 May 2021, 11:02 AM

The following is an amended Schedule of the 2021 Waitomo District Council Meetings and Audit and Risk Committee meetings.


Tuesday            25 May 2021               Cancelled

Thursday           27 May 2021             Hearing:  Submissions to 10 Year Plan

Friday               28 May 2021               Hearing:  Submissions to 10 Year Plan (subject to requirement)

Wednesday        9 June 2021             Extraordinary Council Meeting
                                                                 Deliberation of Submissions to the 10 Year Plan

Tuesday            29 June 2021              Council Monthly Meeting

Tuesday            27 July 2021                Council Monthly Meeting

Tuesday            17 August 2021           Audit and Risk Committee Meeting

Tuesday            31 August 2021            Council Monthly Meeting

Tuesday            28 September 2021    Council Monthly Meeting

Tuesday            12 October 2021          Audit and Risk Committee Meeting

Tuesday            26 October 2021          Council Monthly Meeting

Tuesday            30 November 2021       Council Monthly Meeting


Any member(s) of the public wishing to speak at a Council meeting are required to gain approval from the Mayor at least two working days prior to the meeting.

An invitation is extended to members of the public to attend these meetings for observation purposes.

Meetings of Council are webcast in real time to the Waitomo District Council website and are also made available for viewing on demand as soon as reasonably practicable following the meeting.

A copy of the agendas for these meetings will be available on Council’s Website two working days before the meeting.