Our monthly Council meeting starts at 9am this morning.
We are currently in the process of upgrading the technology in our chambers which means we are unable to livestream today’s meeting. However, we will record the meeting and upload to our website as soon as practicable.

Review of Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy

8 Sep 2021, 2:12 PM

Waitomo District Council is currently reviewing its Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy and we would like your feedback.

The purpose of the Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy is to:

  • Reduce the potential risk posed to residents in the District by dangerous, affected and insanitary buildings;
  • Provide a clear framework of how Council will manage dangerous, affected, and insanitary buildings.

Download the Statement of Proposal (PDF 1005 KB) (PDF 1005 KB) to read about the review and our proposal.

Email [email protected] to provide feedback and make a submission.

Submissions open 8 September 2021 and close 8 October 2021.