Water mains flushing

We ensure that our district's water reticulation schemes are in good working condition.

Mains flushing, hydrant flushing and valve maintenance are essential elements of our routine maintenance programme and provide the following benefits:

  • Removes sediments in water supply mains and improves water quality;
  • Ensures fire hydrants and valves are operating properly;
  • Helps identify weaknesses in the water reticulation system;
  • Checks for closed valves that may contribute to weak flows and pressures in the system.


Hydrant flushing

Carried out during the third week of every month or as required. We undertake routine hydrant flushing on a monthly cycle around the urban areas.  The process involves aggressively releasing water through the pipes which may cause discolouration of tap water in some areas.  We will advertise on our website and facebook when hydrant flushing is taking place.

The streets below are affected: 

TE KUITI - Eastern Side:
Anzac Street, Boddies Terrace, Broadfoot Place, Corinth Avenue, Ellison Avenue, Esplanade, Hinerangi Street, Kiwi Street, Liverpool Street, Mahoe Crescent, Ngarongo Street, Sturgess Terrace, Tammadge Street, Taruna Place, Taupiri Street, Tawa Heights, Tawa Street, Waitete Road, Walker Road, Wesley Avenue.

TE KUITI - Western Side:
Ailsa Street, Awakino Road, Bayne Street, Butler Street, Cato Terrace, Colin Brook Place, Craig Terrace, Earl Street, Elizabeth Street, Haines Terrace, Hill Street, Hospital Road, King Street West, Lusk Street, Mary Street, Queen Street, St Andrews Court, St Lukes Crescent, Seddon Street, Te Kumi Road.

Ellis Road, Georgetti Street and Mine Road.

Seaview Motorcamp, Oha St, Rangi Rd, Main Rd, Aria Tce, Point Rd, Tainui St, Takarei Tce, North St, Te Kauri Rd, Te Mahoe Rd.

Moa St North, Tui St, Kiwi St, Huia St, Aria Rd, Moa St South, Kaka St, Kawana St, Poto St, View Terrace, Kuku St and Kea St.


We make every effort to minimise the impact on supply. In the event that temporary deterioration of your water quality occurs due to flushing in your street, it is advisable to first run your garden tap then the others for several minutes to remove any air bubbles and to restore water clarity.  Please do not run water through in house filters before taps are running clear. 

Should there be ongoing issues with your water supply, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0800 932 4357.