What is Beanstack?

Beanstack is a digital platform designed to encourage reading!

Track and log your reading, join and accomplish challenges set by the library, reach personal reading goals, earn badges, and read with friends and family!

Joining challenges:

Challenges can be found on the home page under your current streak message. Select 'View all’ on the right to display all the challenges offered.

Challenges can also be found on the Discover tab.

Simply select the challenge you wish to take part in and click ‘Join Challenge’.

A challenge description and instruction will then be displayed.

Signing up:

  1. Download the Beanstack app
  2. Open the app and press 'let's go’
  3. Select ‘At my library’
  4. Tap ‘Find a site’ and enter ‘Waitomo District Library’ in the search box
  5. Select 'Sign up’
  6. Follow the prompts to create your account

*You can add other readers to your account*

Adding friends:

  1. Select the ‘Community’ tab on the bottom right of the screen
  2. Tap on 'Friends’
  3. Press add friends
  4. Enter the code your friend has given you

*You can find your friend code here too.

Now to can keep up-to-date with your friends reading. By selecting Leaderboard you can see how your reading compares!

How to log reading:

  1. Select the ‘+’ at the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap ‘Reading’
  3. You can simply log your reading by starting the timer or manually entering your minutes

Community reading:

Our library has a Community reading challenge!

Any reading you log counts towards this goal.

To track our community goal this can be found under ‘Community’ in the 'My Library’ tab.