Update on the Te Kuiti Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

13 Oct 2017

Waitomo District Council is progressing with the upgrade of the Te Kuiti Water Treatment Plant. On Monday 16 October, work will begin on refurbishing all four of the treatment plant’s clarifiers in a staged manner, to minimise any impact on the water supply service.

The clarifiers play an important role in the water treatment process. They ensure that the water entering into the filters is cleaner, allowing the system to function more efficiently by minimising the need for filter backwash cycles.

The first concrete clarifier will be drained of water, cleaned and then integrity tested. The exposed surfaces of the clarifier will be coated with a sealant to extend its life.  Renewal of aged internal fittings will also be completed at this stage.

Asset Group Manager Kobus du Toit says that the Treatment Plant is operating very well and producing drinking water to the required health standard.

"While we refurbish the clarifiers, the plant’s reserve (backup) water supply will be at a reduced capacity.  It is very important to use water wisely. We ask residents to turn off taps and hoses when not in use. Run full loads when washing clothes or set controls for a partial load if you are doing less.  Replace washers on dripping taps. These simple conservation measures will assist with the continued provision of a safe water supply for Te Kuiti."

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12 October 2017 Te Kuiti Water Treatment Plant clarifiers to be refurbished