Media Release 11 April 2020 - Isolation, not isolate – getting through together

11 Apr 2020, 1:29 PM

Find you’re okay most days but struggling others? Help is at hand with the launch of Getting Through Together.

Getting Through Together, created by the Mental Health Foundation is an online toolkit, available at, providing proven ways you can help yourself and others during lockdown.

The toolkit focuses on eight topics - Parenting & Whānau, Te Ao Māori, Being Your Best, Sparklers, Daily Wellbeing, Workplace Wellbeing, Identity & Culture, and Coping In Tough Times – aimed at helping kiwis during lockdown and beyond.

Western Waikato Emergency Operations Centre local controller, Wayne Allan, said looking after mental health, as well as physical health is vital.

“There is a whole range of topics that can help boost you up when we need it most. We’re all in a crisis and finding comfort at this time is absolutely essential for our whole health,” said Allan.

“I encourage you all to take a look, even if you feel like you’re doing okay.” removes the stigma around mental health with a range of fun and easy activities to help boost your mood using proven techniques.

Five Ways to Wellbeing is one such tool, which brings simple ways people can feel better, even when the situation feels bleak.

“We are in isolation, but we should not be isolated. Reach out to friends or whanau. Share your feelings with someone you can trust.

“If you’re finding it hard to bring something up with your friends or whānau, this resource can help,” Allan added.

“This is an extraordinary situation we’re in. No kiwi has ever been through this before and there is no shame in reaching out.”

“Don’t be whakama.”

Connecting with people is one to improve your wellbeing - writing emails that share a favourite memory, playing video games with mates, calling friends and whānau who are in self-isolation and reaching out to neighbours to ensure everyone has what they need to get through.

For more ideas on how you can connect with others when you can’t physically touch, head to

Isolation, not isolate

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