Media Release 15 April 2020 - Hang in there, don’t get complacent

15 Apr 2020, 2:05 PM


Western Waikato Emergency Operating Centre staff are encouraging people to hang in there and don’t get complacent.

Local controller Dave Simes says it may be harder to stick to the rules the longer lockdown continues, but COVID-19 remains a serious threat.

“We’re now in week three of the national level 4 lockdown, and while it’s uncertain that the lockdown will be extended or changed to level 3, the risk of spread is still there,” said Simes.

“NZ is still getting new confirmed cases of COVID-19 every day, so we need to make sure we continue staying at home, practicing good hygiene and keep physical distancing.”

Along with the stay at home message, spontaneous offers from well-meaning members of the community should also be declined.

“There are many offers to donate personal items, heaters, blankets or surplus fruit across community Facebook pages. These items carry a high risk of community transmission and should not be accepted.”

“It’s great to live in such generous communities but at the moment we need people to phone 0800 800 405 for help getting groceries or other household goods and services.

Assistance with home heating such as firewood, pellets and coals has recently been announced as an essential service and can be requested through the 0800 number too.

“Our welfare team has a volunteer network set up across the three districts who follow the necessary COVID-19 protocols to help reduce the spread. They are ready and able to help.”

People calling the Waikato Welfare Call Centre 0800 800 405 number are connected with local welfare teams for help.

66 people have been helped in the western Waikato area since the phone number was established.

People calling into the 0800 numbers are reminded to provide the correct contact information so people can be connected to help quickly.

Media contact:
Public Information Manager - Western Waikato Emergency Operating Centre
027 382 3218 | [email protected]