Love Food Hate Waste

12 Mar 2015, 8:00 AM

The Love Food, Hate Waste campaign is being run by local councils across the country. 

Waitomo District Council is obliged under the Waste Minimisation Act of 2008 to develop policies and methods for achieving effective and efficient waste minimisation and management within its district. With food waste comprising 36% of the rubbish disposed of through council kerbside collection (2014 Waste Audit), reducing food waste is a key strategy for meeting the goals of the Waste Minimisation Act. 

The aim of the National Food Waste Prevention Campaign is to reduce household food waste by enabling households to reduce the quantity of avoidable and potentially avoidable food waste, which is thrown away. 

The benefits of this campaign includes a reduction in household food waste to landfill and the savings to households as less money is wasted on food that is thrown away.

Love Food Hate Waste advert Waitomo News 12 March 2015