Adoption of Amended Freedom Camping Bylaw

6 Dec 2023, 9:39 AM

Waitomo District Council adopted the Freedom Camping Bylaw 2023 at the Council Meeting on 28 November 2023.

The Bylaw, which takes effect on 7 December 2023, has been amended to give effect to the Self-contained Motor Vehicles Legislation Act 2023 which amended the Freedom Camping Act 2011, to include:
- an update to the definition of freedom camp, motor vehicle, and self-contained vehicle;
- changes to the national rule, the default position is that freedom camping must now be in a self-contained vehicle;
- changes to the standard penalty charged for offences; and
- a clear exemption for homelessness, a person is not freedom camping if they are unable to live in appropriate accommodation and not on a visitor visa.

The Freedom Camping Bylaw is available here (PDF 6.18 MB). Email and hardcopies may also be requested.