Request for Quotations: i-SITE and Railway Building 1 - Alterations, Renovations and New Fitouts

28 Feb 2023, 10:47 AM

Contract No. WDC 500/23/004

This contract is for physical alterations, renovations and new fitouts of existing heritage significant buildings in Te Kūiti.

The i-SITE and Railway Building 1, located at Rora Street, Te Kūiti, requires alteration and fitouts to accommodate the transition of frontline staff from Waitomo District Council’s Administration Building.

The general scope of the contract works will include:
• Internal demolition works.
• Alterations works.
• Fitouts and Joinery works.
• Alterations of Electrical, Plumbing, and Specified Systems works.
• Surface Finishes and Re-instatement works.

It is required that the Contractor supply all plant, labour, materials, public protection, and supervision necessary to carry out all of the work indicated, described, or implied in the construction plans and specification.

CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Due to some revision, the Quotation will now close at 4pm NZT on Wednesday 29 March 2023.

ENQUIRIES: Any questions in relation to the Quotation Documents must be submitted in writing to Principal’s Contact Person, Avanish Mudaliar - email: [email protected]
Final date for enquiries is 11am, 15 March 2023.

SUBMISSIONS: Quotations are to be submitted in the Tender Box located at:
Chief Executive
Waitomo District Council
15 Queen Street
Te Kūiti

Electronic quotes are not acceptable and will not be evaluated.

Envelopes must be marked as follows: “i-SITE & Railway Building 1 - Alterations, Renovations and New Fitouts



* Revised Plans - superseded (PDF 564 KB)

Notice to Tenderer NTT03 (DOCX 81 KB)

Notice to Tenderer - NTT02 (DOCX 82 KB)

Response to RFI - NTT01 (DOCX 81 KB)

Approved Plans (PDF 5.79 MB)

Approved Specification (PDF 8.05 MB)

Asbestos Status Review Report (PDF 1.5 MB)

Building Consent BC220137 (PDF 32 KB)

Fire Safety Report (PDF 3.98 MB)

Lead Base Paint Status Report (PDF 249 KB)

Project Statement (PDF 27 KB)

Request for Quotation (PDF 874 KB)